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Geek Shoes

21 Shoes That Every Geek Would Love

by admin on October 5, 2009

This selection of 21 shoes can be appreciated by the geek within all of us.

   1. Aphrodite GPS Prostitute Shoes


The Aphrodite Project Team is announces the launch of Platforms, a
new line of footwear designed exclusively for sex work. These alluring
and colorful shoes are more than just a pretty pair of shoes. They
offer state of the art features that help eliminate some of the hazards
that may spoil an otherwise enjoyable day.

  • Audible Alarm System with a piercing audio alarm to draw attention
    and scare off rapists and muggers. The best advantage of this feature
    is that it cannot be used against you like a can of mace or a knife.

  • Hidden Safety Compartments are handy for storing cash, keys, and condoms.

  • Problem Client Blog is very useful for warning your fellow workers
    of possible trouble. It enables you to post information online about
    ‘problem clients’. This blog searchable by date, city and street
    address, making it possible for users to look up potential clients
    before heading off to work.

  • A GPS system and a customized version of the Rave Guardian from Rave Mobile Savety, formerly Rave Wireless.


2. Cleaning Slippers


The Slipper Genie is the best way to clean hardwood, linoleum and
tile floors since having the kids slip, slide and roll and slide all
the floors to collect loose dirt, dust and debris. Just slip on your
Slipper Genie cleaning slippers and let them do the work. The machine
washable Slipper Genie comes in a broad range of sizes and the soft,
chenille soles provide an extra soft dusting and polishing material.


3. Electronic Massage Sandals


*6 pre-programmed exercises include popular choices like karate chop, tap and massage.
*10 adjustable levels.
*Unique and creative massage settings for the bottoms of your feet.
*Relieves stress and tension of your daily routine.
*So convenient, you can give your feet a comforting massage anytime and anyplace.


4. Google Shoes


  • If you didn’t already think GOOGLE was geeky, take a look at these geeky GOOGLE shoes.


5. GPS Shoe


The GPS shoe includes the one ounce GPS module by GTXC.  The module
is connected to an antenna that is located in the heel of the shoe,
which relays the GPS information to GSM cellular service.  That
information can in turn be viewed on the internet.  The projected cost
of the GPS shoe between $100-$200, with the cost of monitoring services
predicted to cost an additional $10 per month.


6. Reef Dram Sandal

The Reef Dram Sandal for men features a hidden flask to smuggle your
favorite libation into any sporting event, concert, or mind-numbing
lecture. The thermos is encased in polyurethane and hides
inconspicuously inside of this vey plain looking shoe. It opens with a
special key which comes with the shoes. But Drams don’t stop there. The
synthetic nubuck uppers and compression-molded EVA footbeds of these
comfortable flip-flops incredibly comfortable they won’t get destoyed
by the water either. This feature alone makes Dram Sandals great for
boating or just chilling while watching the sun set on the beach.


7. Music System Sneakers

Refrigerators now come with televisions in the doors. So why can’t
basketball shoes have MP3 players in the soles? Dada’s new Code M
mp3-playing basketball shoes are the first in their Wireless Footwear
System, but definitely not the last. With wireless technology, these
amazing shoes are connected to your headphones, or if you want to share
the pleasure, you play your music over the speakers built that come
built right in the shoes.


8. Porsche Design Shoes


A special system of metallic springs increases energy return and
gives you a more efficient ride as you walk, run and go about your
daily routine.


9. Keyboard Shoes


6th place winner at the Hong Kong Footwear Design Center… these keyboard shoes are definite head turners.


10. Lamborghini Heels


Tim Cooper, cnterprising CGSociety member, created Lamborghini
Gallardo Superleggera high heels by using a pair of his wife’s heels
and hundreds of Gallardo images that he found on the internet. He
modeled these ultra-fine, ultra-lightweight white and carbon fiber
shoes and submitted them to Modo, then and added the smoke and text in
Photoshop for this mock advertisement.


11. LED Headlight Slippers


Navigate your way around the house at night without touching a
light switch. Brightfeet Lighted Slippers use patented technology that
allows you to see in the dark. Brightfeet™ Lighted Slippers kick on in
dark conditions whenever weight is applied and automatically shut off
when they sense light allowing for maximum battery life.


12. Ninja Boots


The martial artist’s second skin in the Dojo Tabi. Durable and
unparalleled in flexibility, comfortable, protective and silent … it is
the ultimate armor.


13. Game Boy Shoes


  Technology and style come together in these highly popular and
funky boots that are all the rage. Not sure if the older set will take
to them, but they are a definite hit with Japanese teens. Best of all…
the Gameboy works! Anytime you need to feed that Gameboy addiction,
just pop it out and have a grand time.


14. Electricity Generating Shoes


Energy efficient and stylish too. NTT, a Japanese telecommunications company is in the process of developing
shoes that generate electricity during movement. Researchers claim that
the shoes generate 1.2 watts of electricity as long as the wearer
continues to walk — enough to power an iPod forever.


15. Storm Trooper Heels


British designer, Rupert Sanderson created these Storm Tropper
boots for the Fashion Fringe Shoe competition. This Star Wars inspired
footwear is the ultimate in classy chic.


16. Transformer Sneakers


Transformers – they’re not just in the movies or on television
anymore. This footwear in disguise has got to be the best even if not
the coolest disguise for any team of robots planning on taking over the


17. Tron Addidas


Never camouflage your nerdiness from the world. Go ahead and proudly strut around town in shoes inspired by Tron
that movie of movies. These great kicks),—officially called The Stan
Smith Comfort— are manufactured by Adidas and available in the UK for
£65 (about $122 USD). They won’t give you any special superpowers, but
neither will that worn out shirt that you are constantly wearing.


18. USB Heated Slippers

Have you ever found yourself working in an office with the
air-conditioning turned up too high? There’s a brand new way to warm up
cold tootsies in the office. All you have to do is plug the heating pad
into a USB port on your computer, and USB Heating Slippers will have
those chilly toes feeling warm and toasty in no time at all.


19. Vacuum Shoes


They look just like an innocent pair of green bedroom slippers, but
they are so much more. This is no ordinary pair of house shoes. Vacuum
shoes are specially designed to vacuum dirt as you shuffle around your
house. They are currently still in the concept stage, but if company
executives are as smart as they appear to be, these shoes will have
them on the market quicker than you can say "extendible toe nozzle."

Wouldn’t it be great to shuffle through the house sucking up dirt as
you go? While vacuum shoes will never make any great fashion
statements, they will surely take home the prize for reducing housework
and making freeing up your time to do more of the things you enjoy…
like shopping for that great pair of red party shoes.


20. Verb Wireless Computer Shoe


"Verb for Shoe", a new computerized shoe from VectraSense provides
on-the-fly computerised shoe adjustments according to the wearer’s
movements. Verb for shoe senses your activity level and automatically
adjusts to improve comfort and performance. A wireless link from the
shoes to your PC and an ingenious software application continuously
monitors the shoe’s power usage, air bladder system performance, the
user’s motion analysis and the shoe’s health and alerts when problems
occur. This is all made possible through a computer embedded inside the
shoe that learns individual movement patterns and adjusts the shoe
accordingly. It even allows for wireless data storage and information


21. X Box Shoe

The one-of-a-kind Xbox 360 Controller Shoe sells for $2,500. They
were designed to compliment the look of Microsoft’s premiere gaming
system and are made with a patent leather back with embedded fibre optic wiring in the shape of the XBOX logo.

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