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Moda? Soda? Ou foda?

10 Taxidermy Fashion Accessories

by admin on November 12, 2009

Shock strangers and disgust animal lovers with this array of 10 animal inspired fashion accessories.

1. Hamster Hair Band

The luxurious fur of this hamster hair accessory will make a
statement few others can dare. Wear it when you feel that nothing
ordinary will do.


2. Dead Rat Purse

You will never mistake your bag for someone else’s with this rat
purse. Your friends will be intrigued with this unique idea. Silver
tone hardware completes the look.


3.Bird Shoes


Apollo had winged feet and you can two. Uniquely elegant, these bird
shoes are for truly special occasions when you want to be assured no
one be wearing the same accessories as you.


4. Fox on Head

This fox hat takes the term “foxy” one step further. The soft fur
will cuddle your face and shoulders providing style and warmth.


5. Rat Tie

Uniquely different, this real rat accessory is available as a white
on black man’s bow tie or a black encircled by white accessory.


6.Rat Headband

If you love rodents, the rat hair band is the perfect accessory for
you. Blending gothic with modern, this hair band makes a statement like
few other fashion accessories.


7.Hedgehog Shoe

Every woman loves shoes and these snugly hedgehog shoes cuddly your
ankles with fur. Black with tips of brown, these shoes blend with any
ensemble perfectly.



8.Squirrel Feet Earrings

Earring made from squirrel feet may not be for just everyone, but
they are for those few with the panache to wear them. Gold tone finials
compliment the golden brown fur.


9. Sparrows Feet

Red sparrow feet attached to bronze-tone finials create a look like
no other. Perfect for elegant fashion events or anytime you want to
stand out in the crowd.


10. Mouse Bracelet

Wow friends as your offer to pay the bill with a dead dormouse hanging round your wrist.


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