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Weird fashion

22 November 2009

has always been a bit strange and unusual. Artists and fashion creators
were always trying to find the strangest and most original expression
and new ways to shock the public. Have a look at this great collection
of the weirdest fashion creations. Some of them are not so successful.
For example this handbag with an implemented gun in it. I wouldn’t wear
it on my first date!

Interesting vicodine earrings, if you
feel any pain you can simply strip them down of your ears and swallow
them! This way you’ll be both fashionable and calmed.

If you love being tanned and like
having always new fashion creations, you can try out this special
designed dress for getting tanned in chic and fashionable way.

I’m not sure what is the effect that
the creator of these earrings was going for, but as far as I’m
concerned it might as well be a campaign against smocking or cancer
lungs awareness.

In case you’re wondering what this is, it is a shoe. I’m not sure how the one should wear it nor in what occasion.

A zipper earrings-so ’90s!

Bra made out of pig heads, weird-yes, sexy-no! With this raging pig flu it seems like a statement.

This is something new-eye jewelry!


He’s on fire!

This way you’ll always be in the spot light.

Condom fashion-talking about going green, one interesting aspect of recycling.

A dress with a bird in a cage…

Flashing dress…

A dress for the modern woman!

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